SONAX Leather care lotion

Lotion for the gentle cleaning and care of car interior fittings, motorbike leathers and other smooth leather. Freshens up colours and restores natural leather scent. Effortlessly removes dirt, oil and grease. Makes the leather especially supple and prevents it from cracking. Silicone waxes and beeswax give the leather excellent and long-lasting protection and a water repellent effect.

Article Number: 02911410
Contents: 250 ml
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Article Number: 04222000
Contents: 15 piece/s


  • High-quality cleaning and care emulsion for all smooth and artificial leather such as car interior fittings, motorbike clothing, bags, furniture, etc.
  • Easily removes dirt, oil and grease, and restores the colours
  • Beeswax and silicone oils keep the leather supple and seal it. The leather regains its original grip and does not become slippery
  • With leather scent and UV protection.
  • Suitable for leather of any colour


Fluffy, soft high quality polishing cloth. The ideal accessory for radiant polishing results. Gentle on paintwork; leaves no scratches. The structure of the cloth guarantees that paintwork care products are fully utilised. Resistant against solvents.
Article Number Contents
04222000 15 piece/s

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