We at the Hoffmann Group see ourselves as an amalgamation of our own, individual and legally autonomous, group of companies; united under the management board, advisory council and partners. The SONAX Executive Board and the Advisory Board. From left to right: Dr. Christian Seeger (Director of Research and Development, Risk Management, Quality Manager), Arthur Winkler (Member of the Advisory Board), Dr. Karlheinz Schmidt (Director of Technology and Production), Claudia Gläser (Member of the Advisory Board), Daniel Ott (Director of Sales and Marketing), Manfred Hoffmann (Chairman of the Executive Board), Prof. Dr. Markus Schmitt (Chairman of the Advisory Board).  We assert our independence and preserve it through long term financial asset maintenance and sound company capital provisions. Our companies are decentralized and operate autonomously. Strategic management, allocation of resources and centrally provided services are there to ensure that they reach their targets. Founded: 1903 Employees: approx. 538

Our Corporate Philosophy

We, SONAX GmbH, see ourselves as an innovative company that develops, manufactures or purchases and markets chemical products, suitable accessories and services for cleaning, care and conditioning of surfaces with a focus on "vehicles".


Our Programme of Services

Under the umbrella brand SONAX we offer a competitive and comprehensive assortment, primarily for the cleaning and care of vehicles.

Through highest quality, and a price policy in the upper range and through environmentally proactive and innovative products we strive to promote SONAX as a powerful brand.

Contract manufacturing and peripheral product lines are to promote the SONAX brand development.


Our envisaged market position

Our intention is to expand our market leadership in the domestic DIY sector and to achieve a sustainable increase of our market share in the other product areas.

We also aim to establish and/or expand our market share in attractive markets abroad in financially acceptable steps.

ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFICATE ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFICATE (257.9 kB) ISO 14001:2004 CERTIFICATE ISO 14001:2004 CERTIFICATE (257.8 kB)
The SONAX Research and Development team does not spare any effort to make good products even better. Permanent innovation activities again and again direct the markets’ attention to SONAX’s innovations, which bring dynamics to the business and drive the brand’s growth. SONAX products stand for highest quality “made in Germany” and convince with excellent effect and outstanding performance. Many successful tests and awards of independent testing institutes such as DEKRA (an independent vehicle inspectorate) or GTÜ (association of technical monitoring) underline this year after year. And the excellent scores in product tests regularly performed by German auto publications such as “Auto Bild”, “auto motor und sport” and the “Auto Zeitung” additionally emphasise SONAX’s high competence in research and development. The convincing performance of SONAX products go hand in hand with exemplary environmental characteristics: the products meet EU guidelines, the ÖNORM (Austrian standard) and strictest environmental specifications. The SONAX research and development activities aim at advancing and optimising product performance Windscreen cleaners containing especially developed surfactants or the new propellant-free products for cockpits and upholsteries are just a few of many examples. Some products are even dermatologically approved. SONAX follows a comprehensive company strategy that attaches great importance to environmental compatibility and health protection in product development.
1950 SONAX begins as one of the pioneers in the development and manufacture of car care products When Manfred Hoffmann senior and his father took on the entrepreneurial venture of manufacturing a polish for cars, success was not exactly predestined. A wealth of ideas, an instinct for the emerging market and outstanding products have all substantially contributed to success: Today the SONAX GmbH has about 350 employees in Germany. A brand with history The SONAX brand has a history reaching back to the beginning of the previous century. As early as 1903, the great grandfather of the present company owner, Manfred Hoffmann, began to extract“Neuburg“ siliceous earth in Neuburg, a very fine mineral used as a polish in many household cleaning products. After the second world war another branch, as manufacturer of care products, was added. So two brands were registered and legally protected: the brand „Sona“ was primarily intended for household use as a silver polish – the brand name of „SONAX“ for car care products was devised by the addition of an „X“ as synonym for „wax“. That is how the company started into the automobile care sector 65 years ago.  The beginnings were very simple: Four SONAX sales reps driving fully loaded VW beetles throughout Germany. Personal contact to the customer counted for everything, advertising at that time was unthinkable. Jack Frost brought the breakthrough Further car care products gradually followed. Amongst other things developed in the Neuburg laboratory was an effective de-icer , which became the first on the market in an aerosol can and, in the harsh winter of 1962, a huge commercial success. In his book „For Love of the Automobile“, writer Wolfgang Sachs states: „In the 13 years between 1960 and 1973 the number of motor cars quadrupled, the amount of kilometres driven tripled and the route length of federal motorways doubled. (…) That was the beginning of the `motorised´ society“.It also changed the day to day life of the German people. Now, the car is ritually washed on a Saturday, seldom by a filling station attendant, mostly by the hand of the proud owner. The demand for car care products began to rise rapidly – bringing real success for the SONAX brand. In the mid-1960’s the first fully automatic car wash installations were built, and SONAX accompanied this breakthrough from the very beginning, as quality manufacturer of cleaning and care products. Simultaneously, the programme for manual vehicle care was continuously developing. When Manfred Hoffmann joined the company in 1984, the turnover had risen to the at that time considerable sum of 30 million DM. At first the majority of this was from own brands within the trade, the large oil companies and motor car manufacturers – But from the mid-1980’s we began a target orientated build up of the brand as a premium care programme for the car. The product programme is constantly expanding, and the clear brand image, as well as advertising and sponsorship activities have helped to attain ever greater awareness. Successful partnerships in motor sports with Hans-Joachim Stuck, Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna or Heinz-Harald Frentzen have established the brand nationally and internationally. The reunification of Germany was a further boost in the company’s development – from 1989 the sales turnover doubled within a short period of time. Today the brand is represented in more than 100 countries around the world. The export share has grown to over 43 percent. SONAX products are represented all over Europe and on all continents. The company has traditionally attained a high market share in the German speaking regions and in Scandinavia. But the brand also shines on east European markets. And cleaning and care products „made in Germany“ have also established themselves in Asiatic countries like South Korea, Japan and Thailand. SONAX products have also won numerous fans in South America, the USA and Canada. Sponsoring activities in international motor sports have had a lasting impact on the brand image – especially in Formula 1. SONAX first displayed brilliance in the premium class of motor sports as partner of the team BAR Honda and McLaren Mercedes. Since 2012 the brand reigns on pole position as „Official Supplier“ to the team Infiniti Red Bull Racing. Numerous partnerships in DTM with e.g. Mercedes Benz, Opel, Audi and BMW provide some positive influence on a national level. With involvement in the inofficial Formula 1 series, GP2 and Formula 3, for many years SONAX has promoted young talent on international race tracks. „made in Germany“ – geared for growth The most recent chapter in the success story has been especially accompanied by extensive expansion activities. In 2008 the initial phase began with the new and large scale reception and administration building with ultra modern training facilities – which has become the flagship of our group of companies. With the construction of a new centre for application technology in 2012, the course has been set for intensified research and development activity. The new plant was put into operation in 2014. The opening ceremony was attended by company employees as well as numerous guests from commerce and politics such as Bavarian Premier, Horst Seehofer. With that, SONAX sets itself to meet global challenges with a huge committment to location, this is stressed by owner and managing director, Manfred Hoffmann: „We feel very much at home here in Neuburg, the town is our home base, SONAX is a part of it“. For that reason, as part of our expansion strategy we are making a positive committment to sustainability: „For us it was a core concern that our economic advancement is underpinned with expansion that is compatible with our environment , with energy conservation and biodiversity. We link our entrepreneurial future with the ecological future of the region“, says Hoffmann. For the perfect appearance of the automobile – and many other areas No matter whether it’s a small car, medium class vehicle, or luxury motorhome – whether it’s in motor sports, the tuning scene or in the world of classic cars: When it comes to the perfect appearance of the automobile, SONAX is always there, for car fans and experts alike. To ensure the car care products are available nationwide, we work in close cooperation with trading partners from specialist retailers, the DIY sector, the oil industry and the motor car industry. In addition, since the end of the 1990’s the development and manufacture of the product programme for professional vehicle valeting and paintwork finishing have provided strong growth impulses.
But SONAX is also expanding into other sectors: During the last few years many new application areas were opened up in branches of trade and industry new to the company. They include, for example, the agricultural industry, the hardware trade, forest management, the construction industry, manufacturing technology or the sanitary industry.
Despite the dynamic career development, from silver polish to a comprehensive range of products and services for vehicle care, as well as for use in trade and industry, SONAX has remained a family business. Short decision making processes, motivated and dedicated employees, and the willingness and capacity for innovation are characteristic. We can be sure that the brand will still be finding satisfied customers in the future.
Responsible Care For companies and brands to be successful for more than 60 years - just as SONAX has been - many factors need to interact well in the long run. Right from the beginning, which dates back more than 100 years, the group has been characterised by acting with a sense of responsibility towards the society and environment. As modern and international enterprise, we particularly focus on all issues having considerable impact on the objectives of sustainability and success. Environmental Care Product developments and business processes are consistently directed towards protection and conservation of natural resources. SONAX GmbH is committed to honouring its responsibility to the environment and society. This standard is emphasised by the active participation in the industry-wide initiative "Responsible Care". SONAX year after year documents the high degree of fulfilment of the initiative's requirements, thus guaranteeing maximum transparency. Environmental award from the City of Neuburg In 2005, the City of Neuburg awarded the HOFFMANN Group of Companies with its environmental award. The main focus of this award are the merits in nature protection - particularly the activities for restoring the areas mined for siliceous earth and the creation of biotopes by HOFFMANN Mineral, which is the mother company of SONAX and the origin of the SONAX brand. Operating Efficiency Concepts and programs that have proved to be economical within the HOFFMANN Group of Companies are directly related to a sustainability effect. An example is our new complex system of water recycling and the use of a state-of-the-art treatment plant that has dramatically lowered the water consumption in manufacturing. Such water and energy savings in the production are linked to an increase in productivity and a cut in costs, indispensable for the enterprise group's economical basis. However, only practised environmental protection provides the future-proof basis for the economically sound development of the company. Overall, we open up the possibilities to act early and follow the right path. Neuburg, 10th May, 2012

SONAX products are manufactured in accordance with the most stringent environmental and health protection criteria.

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