Let the paintwork shine

The car’s paintwork is constantly exposed to adverse weather effects and mechanical stress. This ages the paintwork sooner or later – the surfaces become scratched, the paintwork appears dull and the colours fade. But through regular paintwork care with one of the polishes from the SONAX XTREME series (Polish & wax 2 or Polish & wax 3), the scratches and shine haze are removed and the paintwork colours are rejuvenated. Simultaneously the paintwork receives a protective coating which will maintain the shine attained for weeks

1. Wash the car thoroughly

Before the polishing wash the car – with SONAX Gloss shampoo concentrate, SONAX Multi sponge and water, all of the superficial grime is thoroughly removed from the car, and it is gentle on the paintwork. It penetrates and dissolves the dirt without harming the paintwork’s protective wax coating.

Important: During the wash use plenty of water and, to avoid scratches, regularly and thoroughly remove the dirt from the sponge. Washing should not be carried out in direct sunlight or on hot paintwork. And after applying the shampoo rinse off with fresh water as quickly as possible, otherwise shampoo residue can dry out or water stains may occur.

Or simply drive through a modern automatic carwash: the car will be washed thoroughly, and it’s also eco-friendly.

2. Paintwork polishing

Paintwork in mint condition, slightly weathered and regularly maintained paintwork are a job for SONAX XTREME Polish+Wax 2. Extremely fine polishing elements, supplemented by the SONAX Hybrid Net Protection Technology ensure an attractive polishing result, a gentle smoothness, a brilliant high gloss and a durable sealing with long term effect.

Matt, weathered and neglected paintwork requires treatment from SONAX XTREME Polish+Wax 3. The extremely powerful aluminium oxide polishing components remove weathered paint layers and smoothen out scratches from the carwash installation, finger nails and other usual traces of wear. Here the integrated SONAX Hybrid Net Protection Technology also provides a deep shine, rejuvenated colours and a basic coating for the treated paintwork surfaces.

For best results apply the polish onto the paintwork with a SONAX P-Ball , distribute evenly and polish immediately, exerting medium pressure. When working always treat connected components (e.g. bonnet) in one operation. After a short drying out time remove the polish residues with the SONAX Microfibre cloth exterior.

3. Paintwork sealing

SONAX XTREME Polish+Wax 2 and 3 both provide a self-contained protective coating.

An optimum long term protection and a durable coating can only be attained with a subsequent paintwork sealing.

Friends of the traditional liquid hard wax should feel right at home with the SONAX XTREME BrilliantWax 1. Using the SONAX Application sponge , the abrasive free wax is sparingly and thinly applied onto the paintwork then distributed evenly, without applying pressure. In the process always treat complete part sections (e.g. bonnet, roof) in one operation. After allowing a brief surface drying remove the wax residues with the SONAX Microfibre cloth exterior.

The SONAX XTREME Protect+Shine. provides an alternative to wax, with up to 6 months paintwork protection. With the complete set, including Application sponge and Microfibre cloth , easily 3-4 vehicles can be sealed, rapidly and effortlessly – without pretreatment or drying times. The exceptionally stable and durable high gloss protective coating reduces the adhesion of dust and dirt, and the shine returns automatically after every wash.


For long-term protection of the paintwork against environmental influences. The Hybrid NetProtection Technology combines special inorganic and organic components to a long-lasting and brilliant protective layer suitable for all types of paint. The surface captivates by gentle smoothness, a brilliant high gloss and an outstanding lotus effect. The strongly interlinked inorganic compounds yield the protective coating’s durability, stability and smoothness. SONAX XTREME Brilliant Wax 1 does not leave any stubborn white stains or streaks when accidentally applied to plastic parts.
Article Number Contents
02011000 250 ml
Highly effective polish for polishing off weathered paint layers and for restoring dull colours. Extremely fine aluminium oxide powder polishes scratches caused by car washes, fingernails and other signs of normal wear. The new Hybrid NetProtection Technology produces an unparalleled brilliant shine accompanied by an outstanding lotus effect. For this, special organic substances have been combined with inorganic components to a durable, weatherproof network that enhances the colour of the polished paintwork optimally. For long-term sealing and lasting gloss, SONAX recommends treating the paint with SONAX XTREME Brilliant Wax 1 afterwards.
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02021000 250 ml
Highly economical super concentrate with a new combination of active ingredients. Removes dirt quickly and thoroughly. Used undiluted it dissolves even the most stubborn dirt such as bird droppings and insect residues. Suitable for cleaning paintwork surfaces, convertible fabric tops, metal, glass, plastics, rubber, tiles, porcelain and enamelled surfaces. Gentle on the surfaces through moisturising active ingredients. Phosphate-free.
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02142000 500 ml
Wax free high gloss sealant for all new and as new paintwork, and for pre-polished paintwork. SONAX XTREME Protect+Shine covers the paintwork with an extremely stable and glossy protective coating (SONAX Hybrid Net Protection Technology), which provides long lasting protection, intensive rejuvenation of colours and anoutstanding lotus effect. It reduces adhesion of dust and dirt, and the shine is automatically restored after every wash. Sufficient for 3 - 4 straightforward, incredibly fast and easy applications.
Article Number Contents
02221000 210 ml
For fast, interim paintwork care. Cleans slightly soiled surfaces gently and thoroughly, without scratches. It enhances the paintwork finish and gives the paintwork a velvety smooth surface and a brilliant deep shine. It freshens up existing wax finishes and provides an additional water drip-off effect. 
Article Number Contents
02874000 750 ml
Concentrated cleaning power for the manual vehicle wash. Works quickly and thoroughly against typical road dirt. Suitable for cleaning all paintwork surfaces, metal, glass, plastics, rubber, as well as tiles, porcelain, and enamelled surfaces. Phosphate-free.
Article Number Contents
03143000 1 l
Thoroughly and gently eradicates tar and oil stains, as well as other stubborn dirt. Even underbody and cavity sealant splashes are quickly and entirely removed. Cleans independently, requiring no rubbing or scratching. Can be sprayed from every angle.
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03342000 300 ml
Ideal for finishing off after the paintwork care. The extremely absorbent active microfibres absorb the wax and polish residues, leaving a shining paintwork surface. The best results are obtained by using the cloth dry.
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04162000 1 piece/s
Ideal for finishing off after the paintwork care. The extremely absorbent active microfibres absorb the wax and polish residues, leaving a shining paintwork surface. The best results are obtained by using the cloth dry.
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04162410 2 piece/s
Special sponge with reinforced white grip side and extra finely pored yellow sponge side. Extremely versatile for the exterior application of polishes, waxes and plastic care products.
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04173000 1 piece/s
Ergonomic polishing ball: Simplifies polishing and simultaneously improves the polishing results. For a replacement sponge see part # 04172401.
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04173410 1 piece/s
The all-rounder for car cleaning. Particularly absorbent. With two different application surfaces. The grey side has the softer structure and is made for general vehicle cleaning. The white side has a rougher surface and is ideal for removing more stubborn dirt (e.g. insects).
Article Number Contents
04280000 1 piece/s
Quickly and easily removes insect residue from glass, paintwork, chrome and plastics. Thanks to its excellent creep properties, the special cleaner softens even dried insect residue without attacking the surface. Residues are removed quickly and gently. Solvent free.
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05334000 750 ml



„So my car will be sitting extremely pretty then“ – the products from the SONAX XTREME series are car care of the finest, no compromises: Where it says XTREME, you can be sure that these are especially high performance products, perfect for the whole car, for exterior & paintwork, interior & windscreen, as well as wheel rims & tyres.
Road grime and brake dust stuck fast on the racy alloy rims - that hurts every car owner.
A dirty engine quickly raises doubts about its mechanical condition. And that is why cleaning and care of the engine bay is always the first step in vehicle care work.
Upholstery and interior textiles get a lot of wear through dust, road dirt and everyday soiling.
With special plastic care products, a perceptible rejuvenation of colours can be attained.
Dirty windscreens don't just look messy - they also present a significant safety risk.
Before setting out on a holiday trip with the camper, not only is it important to check on the tyre pressure ...
Cleaning & maintenance for on-the-go and at home For removing light soiling from the bicycle frame, spokes and mudguards, our SONAX BIKE Cleaning & Care Cloth is ideally suitable. Just wipe over all the surfaces to be treated with the cloth. Pro Tip: For stubborn dirt we recommend SONAX BIKE Cleaner. Powerful cleaner for the entire bicycle First you spray the dry bicycle with the BIKE Cleaner. Allow the product to work in for 5 – 10 minutes and for stubborn dirt rub in with a brush or soft sponge. Afterwards spray over the bicycle with the (garden) hose. The SONAX BIKE Cleaner is especially gentle on materials and can be used, therefore, on all surfaces on the bicycle.   Pro Tip: Never spray with high pressure cleaning equipment, as the high pressure forces the water into the sealed bearings and other gaps. After cleaning the chain the lubrication should be renewed.  Cleaning and lubricating the chain The SONAX BIKE Chain Spray is suitable both for cleaning and for lubricating the chain. To clean the chain, spray the BIKE Chain Spray into a cloth and pull it over the chain several times, or hold a new, clean cloth behind the chain, on the inner side, so that no lubricant gets on the tyres, and spray it on.   Pro Tip: To avoid getting oil splashes on the brake disc or brake calipers, it is recommended to cover them thoroughly before the application. Always wipe over thoroughly. Excess material leads to the attraction of unwanted dirt and accompanying increase in wear and tear. Special chain spray for E bikes For lubricating and protecting highly stressed e-bike chains and electronic contacts, we recommend our SONAX E-BIKE Chain Spray. Spray the product onto the chain and allow to work in briefly. So that no lubricant gets on the tyres, hold a clean cloth behind the chain, on the inner side.   Pro Tip: To avoid getting oil splashes on the brake disc or brake calipers, it is recommended to cover them thoroughly before the application. Always wipe over thoroughly afterwards. Excess material leads to unwanted dirt attraction. Extreme Stresses For extreme stresses on the chain use the SONAX BIKE Silicone Chain Care Oil ultra. Sprinkle the product onto the chain and spin it several times. Pro Tip: The chain lubrication will last longer if you seal it afterwards with the SONAX BIKE Spray Wax. Gear shifters, shifter cables, suspension forks etc. For lubricating moving components such as e.g. gear shifters, shifter cables, suspension forks, brake levers etc. the SONAX SONAX BIKE Special Oil is ideally suitable. For this simply sprinkle the product onto the appropriate areas. And to finish: long lasting protection To lastingly protect the freshly cleaned and maintained bicycle against climatic influences, you can apply the SONAX BIKE Spray Wax. Apply with a cloth, spray product into the cloth and wipe over. Remove any excess product afterwards.