Glass Care

Dirty windscreens don't just look messy - they also present a significant safety risk. Even a slight smear film on the windscreen can cause several seconds "blind driving".

A special windscreen cleaner can remove the typical windscreen grime quickly and without leaving streaks.

Important: Think about the windscreen washer unit too - in winter the best bet is SONAX Antifreeze & Clear View, for the warmer seasons SONAX Clear View 1:100 provides clear vision.

Tip: SONAX XTREME Glass Clear is also ideal for household use on windows and mirrors.

Spray on XTREME Glass Clear

SONAX XTREME Glass Clear is designed to remove smear films, stuck on dust, or nicotine stains without leaving streaks.

Spray onto windscreens and mirrors with the pump sprayer, allow to work in briefly, then wipe off with paper towels or Car Care Cloth.

Let the side windows down a little so that you can clean the dirty window edges.


Featuring pure water technology, the especially powerful glass cleaner ensures an improved wetting of the glass surface. Thus, without leaving any residue, it efficiently removes oil and soot films and insect residue on the car’s exterior as well as greasy films, fingerprints and nicotine residue in the car’s interior. Also ideal for household use, cleaning windows and mirrors. Quick, simple and residue-free cleaning thanks to the use of demineralised water.
Article Number Contents
02382410 500 ml
Durable care cloth for drying-off wet paintwork, chrome and glass surfaces. Soft, handy and especially absorbent. Leaves no streaks, water stains or lint and is also ideal for cleaning upholstery, seat covers and other materials. Also universally deployable in the home.
Article Number Contents
04192000 1 piece/s


The car’s paintwork is constantly exposed to adverse weather effects and mechanical stress.

The car’s paintwork is constantly exposed to adverse weather effects and mechanical stress.