Spray the engine bay

A dirty engine quickly raises doubts about its mechanical condition. And that is why cleaning and care of the engine bay is always the first step in vehicle care work. To commence a thorough vehicle cleaning, one should undertake to treat the engine bay.

1. Spray on Engine and Cold Cleaner

SONAX Engine and Cold Cleaner removes oil and grease stains quickly and reliably..
The highly effective infiltration capabilities of the cleaner enables it to reach even difficult to access areas.

Only clean the engine where there is an oil separator (e.g. in a self service car wash) and be sure to cover the alternator as a precaution.

 2. Rinsing

Rinse off afterwards with a strong water jet. Be careful if using a high pressure sprayer: Keep the spray lance at a safe distance, otherwise engine components may get damaged.

 3. Conserving

Allow the water to drip off then spray the engine components with SONAX SX90 PLUS.
The contact and lubricant spray protects bare metal against corrosion, removes creaking and squeaking noises, lubricates moving parts, loosens rusted screws, nuts and bolts.

In addition, it prevents current leakage in electrical circuits and dispels humidity from ignition contacts, thereby improving ignition perfomance.


The all-purpose penetrating oil can be used as contact agent, lubricant and anti-corrosion agent. Cures squeaking and creaking noises, lubricates all moving parts and loosens rusted screws, nuts and bolts. Infiltrates water, prevents leakage currents in electrical systems and provides ignition. Protects bare metal against moisture and corrosion. Releases tar, grease, rubber and adhesive residue. Silicone free.
Article Number Contents
03392000 300 ml
Quickly and reliably cleans all oil and grease from engines, machine and assembly parts and tools. The product has an outstanding infiltration ability, enabling it to reach even the most inaccessible places. Phosphate-free, solvent-free.
Article Number Contents
05432000 500 ml


The car’s paintwork is constantly exposed to adverse weather effects and mechanical stress.

The car’s paintwork is constantly exposed to adverse weather effects and mechanical stress.