„Spring cleaning“ for winter wheels

When it’s time to change over to summer tyres, you should take the opportunity to thoroughly clean off the winter dirt contamination and to care for the tyres and wheels. Be sure to use an acid free wheel cleaner. The cleaner will of course have to provide sufficient cleaning power, especially to deal with the extreme winter soiling – it should, however, have a balanced formula so that it will not attack metal or plastic components like hub caps or centre caps. The SONAX XTREME Wheel cleaner full effect, as a winner of tests conducted by Auto Bild and DEKRA, has demonstrated that a powerful formula can also work gently on materials. The product was the convincing winner of a test carried out by the editorial team.

The fully developed spray nozzle with child safety feature enables an especially even and economical application of the cleaner. The user will recognise the fluids optimum working in time by the red colouration. And for extreme cases the set contains a Wheel rim sponge, this can be used to remove especially stubborn residual dirt: Thoroughly rinse off the complete wheel with water! Important: if, for example, you intend to clean the summer tyres while mounted: After a few minutes you should move the car half a revolution and rinse off again with water. This will prevent the dissolved dirt particles from drying out at the bottom of the wheel.

In addition, it is advisable to seal the wheel rims after cleaning. For this, we recommend the SONAX XTREME Wheel rim sealant. This works against stubborn deposits and will make the wheels significantly easier to clean later. And one more tip: Use the colourless SONAX Tyre gloss spray to keep the tyre sidewalls supple and to restore that rich black shine again.


Highly effective acid-free special cleaner for all types of steel and light alloy wheels. Easily removes even the most stubborn dirt, such as burnt-on brake dust, oil and rubber residue and other road dirt.
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02302000 500 ml
SONAX XTREME Tyre Gloss Spray for a long lasting, rich, deep shine and that wet look for the tyres. The rubber is simultaneously maintained and, with regular application, protected against cracking, premature aging, brown discolouration and colour bleaching. The deep black and shiny appearance will last for several weeks. Suitable for all types of tyre. Extremely easy to apply: Spray on thinly, allow to work in, ready.
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02353000 400 ml
With innovative Hybrid NetProtection Technology for lasting rim protection. Reduces re-soiling. Has a dirt, water and salt-repellent effect. For all light-alloy, steel, chrome-plated, and polished wheel rims. Produces a mirror shine on rims. The ultra-thin hybrid sealing produces a long-lasting protective silicate layer that forms a weather-proof network with organic components. This significantly simplifies and alleviates the wheel cleaning. Stubborn dirt such as brake dust can be removed without much effort. Simultaneously the sealant gives the wheel rims a long lasting brilliant high gloss. The effective water-repellent effect lasts for at least 5 washes. Sufficient for up to 8 rims. Available as set with 4 polishing cloths or as a single tin.
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02361000 250 ml
For thoroughly cleaning wheel rims, used ideally in conjunction with all SONAX rim cleaners. For working on especially stubborn and difficult to access dirt deposits.
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04175410 1 piece/s



When it’s time to change over to summer tyres, you should take the opportunity to thoroughly clean off the winter dirt contamination and to care for the tyres and wheels. Be sure to use an acid free wheel cleaner. more
XTREME Series / Exterior, Paintwork and Chrome

New care and protection formula for foil covered cars

Good news for all owners of foil covered vehicles: The SONAX XTREME Foil care & sealant is now available now. It protects matt and glossy foils against climatic influences such as rain, road salt and UV radiation.

It seems confusing to many motorists, when a winter windscreen cleaner claims to provide freeze protection at minus 60 degrees. In our latitudes it is a rare occurrence to see the thermometer standing at -20 degrees Celsius. Such freeze protection figures are therefore, misleading. Incidentally, these cleaners would be so viscous, even at -40 degrees Celsius, that they could hardly be conveyed through the windscreen washer system.